Post-Launch Marketing

Launching a new website is only the beginning of the marketing process.  An effective marketing strategy is critical to being visible to site location consultants and to tourists alike. 

Press releases

When we launch your new website, we also write and publish a press release for distribution to local media outlets and online.  Press releases, when written properly, can generate offline interest and valuable links into your website, improving search engine visibility.

E-mail marketing: it still works

E-mail marketing may not be sexy, but it works.  We can include an email signup form on your website or in your social media efforts to help build an effective list.  Our experts can work with your team on an e-mail marketing strategy, e-mail design, deployment and analytics, and even develop a way to produce e-mail newsletters in the website’s content management system.

Social media integration

In addition to developing tools to help visitors share your website content across social networks, we can monitor news sources and publish these in original form on your website and social networks.  Regularly publishing fresh content can demonstrate that your community is progressive and thriving.

Making decisions using website analytics

For years, we’ve relied on website analytics to help companies and organizations make sound business decisions.  We can configure your web analytics and report on key indicators to help you improve your website and determine what marketing efforts are fruitful.