Website Analytics

Any firm can add website analytics to your website, but can they tell you what measures are important, and what the numbers mean?  We meet with companies and organizations all the time that pour over numbers and metrics but don’t know how to distill real, actionable business findings from them.

Giving meaning to the metrics

Having a partner to help interpret website analytics can be very helpful.  First, a partner can be accountable for communicating results.  Second, a partner can communicate recommendations based on results.  Third, your website will change over time.  You’ll add new content and want to track its usage and interaction with it.  You’ll want to measure the effect of email and social media campaigns.  A partner can help with all of this.

Are my key documents being downloaded?

While a standard web analytics install can measure pages that are viewed, they often miss PDFs, Word documents, video views and other actions that aren’t tracked by default.  Our configuration ensures you’re tracking visitor interactions with your most important documents and content.

Track offline campaigns

Just because you send direct mail or coordinate other media campaigns doesn’t mean that you can’t measure the impact to your website traffic.  We can devise creative strategies to track and report on this activity.

Is my website generating phone calls?

Past measurement for clients indicates that almost 80% of contacts from your website come in via phone, not email.  Our phone tracking system can help your organization determine which phone calls originate from your website, and can give you insight into the types of calls that you’re getting from the website.  This information can be used to improve your website, calculate ROI on advertising campaigns, determine if your team is providing great customer service and more.