Website Content Management Systems

With today’s technology, every economic development and tourism organization should be able to make routine changes to their own websites.  We develop every website on a content management system that is custom-configured to match your staff’s technical competencies.

Easy updating for non-technical staff

Whether your organization has an IT staff that is versed in code or (more likely) a staff that’s non-technical, our websites can be updated by anyone.  Web page content can be edited using Microsoft Word-style formatting buttons.  Uploading data, pictures and documents is also a snap -- as easy as browsing for files on your computer.

Run multiple websites on one platform

If you run multiple websites, our content management system allows you to run all websites on one content management system.  The different websites can even share content so you only publish once and maintain content in one place.

Empower multiple staff members to make changes

Since multiple people might need access to update the website, we can easily set up an unlimited number of editors and give them access to only the information they need to add/change.

Our system is portable

Best of all, our system runs on most Linux web hosting platforms, so you aren’t necessarily reliant on us.  The website is portable, so if you ever need to change web hosts, you can take the website with you.