Social Media Integration

Show your new media marketing savvy by including social media tools on your website. The secret to using social media tools effectively is to use your website as the hub of activity, where social media drives traffic back to your carefully-crafted website.  Our tools can help accomplish this.

Social sharing from your website

Empower visitors to share tourism-related events, attractions, things to do and news on their own social networks.  When we set up news or a calendar or event management system on your website, your visitors will be able to publish it to their social networks with one click of the mouse.

Publish content to Facebook and Twitter from your website

Using our content management system, your website features the option up to publish news, company announcements, new tourism events, etc. directly to your Facebook page and Twitter feeds.  While many like to craft messages specifically for social networks, this capability can save time for organizations with lean staffs.

In addition to publicizing news and events, we can integrate your website with Linkedin profiles to give companies new ways to engage and communicate with your organization.

Email content with one click

Social sharing isn’t only for Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.  We can set up your website so that  visitors can email page content to a friend or colleague with just a couple of clicks.