Site & Property Listings

One of the most important features on an economic development website is the real estate search.  Robust tools to allow consultants and businesses to search for suitable sites is critical, which is why we’ve developed several ways to search and show real estate.

Featured real estate

To effectively showcase a locality or region’s most marketable commercial or industrial space, we’ve developed a “featured real estate” tool to allow you to publish enhanced real estate pages directly through the content management system.

Include as much property information as you need, including multiple photos (or a slideshow), a description, video, key property features, a map or linkage with your GIS system, broker contact information and companion documents such as plats, topographic maps, site plans, sales flyers, etc.

Display is completely customizable

We’ll work with you to determine the information that you’ll include on featured real estate, then customize the tool to meet your specific needs.

Pull real estate feeds from your state economic development databases

Some state economic development organizations maintain their own databases of available commercial real estate.  We can work with these organizations to pull available real estate from their databases and show them on your website in a custom, searchable format.