Mobile Websites

Some analysts predict that traffic from mobile devices will surpass traffic from desktop or laptop computers in the next 5 years.  Is your website ready?

When we set up your new website, there are several options for mobile-readiness.  All of our websites are tested on mobile devices for compatibility, and we can find out what percentage of your visitors are using mobile devices.  It might be time to take the next step.

Websites that scale to fit

Our website coding methodology allows us to create websites that scale to fit different mobile device screens.  This enables one website to fit many different formats so you don’t have to keep multiple websites up to date. 

Full mobile websites

If your organization needs a fully-dedicated mobile website, we can build it so that it shares content with your standard website, eliminating the need to maintain two separate websites.  We can also put the necessary redirects in place so that mobile viewers see the mobile version and desktop/laptop users see the standard version of your website.