Online Database Tools

Economic development and tourism websites rely heavily on databases to deliver information to visitors.  When you look for a website provider, it’s important to ask how they handle data, and more importantly, how easy it is to keep it up to date.

Using our content management system, we can import your spreadsheets and databases for easy maintenance via an easy-to-use web form. Data that you may want to import into your website might include:

  • Top Employers/Industries/Manufacturers
  • Commercial and industrial real estate listings
  • Internationally-owned companies
  • Company directories
  • Local attractions, accommodations, dining, shopping
  • Local events
  • Area demographics

We can also configure your website to pull data feeds from other sources, such as your state’s tourism or economic development office.  By doing this, views of commercial real estate and tourist attractions, etc. can be completely customized and searchable without linking to another website.