Custom Report Builders

Site location consultants and others expect quick and easy access to the data they seek.  A custom report builder allows a visitor to select just the information they need, formatted neatly in a downloadable report.

You control the data

Our content management system allows you to self-publish Excel spreadsheets, Word files, site plans and other information that you think might be useful.  These datapoints and documents don’t necessarily have to be shown on the website -- they can be available just for use in a custom report.  This information can then be selected item-by-item to compile the report.

Attractive, well-designed reports

With our custom report builder, we’ll design a custom cover page with your branding and contact information.  You can even include a cover letter or other material on letterhead that will be automatically appended to the report.   The result is an attractive PDF document that contains a collection of useful information.