Calendar & Event Management

Tourism websites rely on having the most up-to-date events and showing them on a website in a friendly, interactive manner.  We offer a calendar and event management system that is easy to update and is completely customizable. 

Customizable display

Our system allows your organization to publish events in either a list view by category or date, or in a calendar view.  When you publish an event, the event’s page is made dynamically and several linkages to the event are created for you.  For example, events can be published to the homepage in a “coming soon” section or on a sidebar for use on any page of the website.  Events can also be added to a visitor’s Outlook calendar with one click.

Include the information you need

Because we build calendar and event management systems to suit your needs, we can include any information that you might need to promote your events.  Standard information like time, location, address, and description are simple to input into our system, and you can even add photo slideshows, interactive maps, videos, PDF brochures, downloads and more.

Event registration capability

If your events require registration, you can allow people to register online via form.  When you add an event, you simply check a box and the registration form is included on the page for you.  All data is collected in an exportable spreadsheet and confirmations are emailed to you automatically.

Should you need to accept payment for events, that option is available.  We work with online payment systems like Paypal and real-time transactions through