Tools for Economic Development & Tourism Websites

As an economic development or tourism professional, you know the value of smart, easy-to-use website tools.  Website visitors expect them.

Economic development website tools

To make your website stand out from the competition, you need to give site location consultants an easy way to access maps and data.  We’ve developed some functionality that will help site selectors get information they need quickly.  Just a few of these include:

  • Custom report builder - Prospects and consultants can select the data that they need, then bundle it together in a slick PDF format with your organization’s branding, cover letters and other documents.
  • Site & property listings - Whether its pulled from an internal database or from a regional or state source, we can develop a system to show real estate in your community, even incorporating your GIS system.
  • Content management system - We make websites easy to maintain, even if your staff is completely non-technical.
  • News & press release publishing - Publish news, accolades and company announcements to your website in minutes.
  • Mobile websites - Mobile website visitors are on the rise.  Our websites take mobile devices into account so mobile visitors looking for information quickly can find it.

Tourism website tools

Your website should have tools that make quick work out of finding things to do, accommodations and events.  Here are just some of the tools that are available for tourism websites.

  • Online database tools - Make publishing a list of accommodations, area businesses, restaurants and attractions easy.  The databases are completely customizable, so you can include slideshows, video, tons of data, or whatever is important to you.
  • Calendar & event management - Easily publish events and categorize them as you see fit.  Our calendar &  event management system is completely customizable and can even include social sharing tools for better promotional capabilities.
  • Blogs & RSS - Give one or more people the ability to write about attractions and events in your area.  These are also published to RSS feeds and can auto-publish to social media networks.
  • Mobile websites - Give visitors the luxury of browsing databases of attractions, events, and accommodations that are formatted for their phones.  The phone numbers are even “clickable” for ease of use.
  • Content management system - Your non-technical staff (and even community volunteers) can update all or some parts of your website.  Publish to a calendar, news feed or blog in minutes.